The Wasteland of Hard Days in the Garden of Faith

You’ll have hard days and bad days and worse days, and whatever you did to build your strength and constitution against these days will prove not to be enough.  Some days will simply be consigned to the waste bin, but usually only in specific ways.  There’s never really a wasted day, because it is all mulch for some potential success — material or spiritual.  But the meantime feelings won’t always read that way.  How you handle it matters.

Some days, you lose fights.  Some days, you lose even the will to have a fight to win or lose.  The wasteland finds you sometimes, as often (or more often) as you find a wasteland to wander.  Sometimes the wasteland will even find you in paradise, and eke out it’s little stripes of destruction even in the most vibrant of settings.  Our spirits rarely achieve uninterrupted bliss, and the interruptions of that bliss are just as mortal as we are.

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