DK5 – Forests and Wastelands

In this podcast, I discuss the dual motifs of mythic forests and wastelands as settings for a questor, wherein they go further and further from civilization and the orthodoxies of their society, and deeper into themselves (and even, to a significant extent: beyond themselves) for spiritual boons with which they can eventually share with their loved ones and culture.

DK4 – Quests

What makes a “quest” different from a “goal”, or an “intention”?  How can these concepts harmonize?  How does having a lifelong (or at least: enduringly long-labored) quest fundamentally shape one’s life and actions in a way that is essentially impossible without declaring that quest, and committing to it?  How does a “quest” mindset fundamentally differ from setting rigid goals, and fretting over every momentary success or failure along the way?  These questions and more, on today’s episode.

DK3 – Embodied Practices

In this episode, I explore the various notions of “embodied practices” and what that entails; how they differ, how my path along different embodied practices (yoga, martial arts) has influenced one another.

DK2 – “Focus”

Here’s my second episode of the “Dharma Knights” podcast, wherein I continue to discuss aspects of what “spiritual warrior” means to me, outside of a cool-looking social media hashtag. Specifically, in this episode, I talk about the crucial dimension of focus and how an increasingly modern society makes this harder and harder of a skill and practice to manage.