DK8 – Compassionate Resiliency

Compassion and resiliency are two concepts that rarely share the same stage, at least in American society. Maybe our collective conditioning to think of ourselves as rugged individualists gives us some blind-spots to the necessity of cooperation and compassion in a functioning society, and maybe those billing themselves (not always authentically) as “compassionate” are not investing enough in personal toughness? In my own personal experience, there’s a very uncomfortable middle-space to occupy…

DK7 – About the Author

A brief introduction, in very rough outlines, about the sort of person who is making this podcast. Where am I coming from, what am I trying to say, and why am I saying it? How does it apply to others, and their journeys?

DK6 – Play (Lila)

In a world of seemingly endless conflict and adversarial processes, what does it mean to approach life with a spirit of play?  Maybe more specifically: what does a spirit of “play” (or even: re-enacting the divine “lila”) mean when we apply it to embodied practices like yoga and martial arts?  Does it make a difference in essence?  Does it make a difference in pragmatic results?  These questions and more, discussed on this episode.