DK17 – Bhagavad Gita Key Concepts

Here’s another sampling of Bhagavad Gita lecture materials Matt (host of Dharma Knights podcast) has made elsewhere. The audio is compiled here in podcast format for convenient access and reference for Matt’s students, but also all the other listeners who have expressed interest in these assets. This episode focuses on the key concepts to understand before reading the Bhagavad Gita, most of which are assumed to be familiar to the Gita’s readers.

DK16 – Matt Coaches Erin, Part 2

This is the second part of a coaching session Matt did with his partner Erin, the host of “Thrive Yoga Fit Transformational Podcast”. The first part is on her podcast. Matt is using the tools Erin teaches in her Thrive Coach School program, with his own particular flavor.

DK15 – Key Bhagavad Gita Terms

I’ve had some students and listeners (respectively) ask for more Bhagavad Gita content, and I’m happy to oblige! Here’s some content from a course I’m putting together about the Gita. This material is about some key terms that benefit from clarification, due to translation quirks and more.

DK14 – Reincarnations Within Single Lives

The notions of Karma (and consequently Dharma) are mostly sensible within a worldview that assumes the doctrine of reincarnation… or not necessarily? In this episode, I very broadly sketch out three different ideas that can make the case for modern humans’ capabilities of living “many lives” even within one literal birth-to-death journey. These notions, for me, fulfill so many of the same functions as a worldview that assumes many births and deaths in a cosmic cycle.

Dk13 – Ekalavya And The Idol of the Guru

As a lifelong self-directed learner, this is one of my favorite episodes of Indian storytelling. What does this story illustrate about self-learning and the “guru” system? What does it tell us about the potentially cruel tuition owed by predatory and opportunistic education models? What does it offer in terms of mind-hacks for self-learners who want to deepen their process?